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Like everyone we know, we continually miss calls from numbers we don't recognize. Unsure if the call is genuine, we often try to look up the number - only to find little or no useful information. So we decided to create a site of our own - a place where people can share helpful information about different numbers and, with the help of others, find out exactly what call they missed.


Latest Feedback for Calls

804-775-6400(2020-01-04 04:01:21)

501-587-3553(2019-12-19 22:10:23)
#displayed on my caller ID; left no VM and no prior business with this #. Highly suspect spam.

301-851-6319(2019-12-18 23:27:32)
This is a scammer impersonating social security! Be aware!!

252-486-8649(2019-12-16 22:40:12)

252-486-8649(2019-12-16 22:39:48)

216-801-2577(2019-11-23 05:55:09)
Spoofed number

713-635-7515(2019-11-20 21:47:15)
Caller left message in Chinese (presumably). I have heard that the Chinese government conducts robocall campaigns to harass and warn Chinese citizens living abroad that their actions are being monitored.

917-636-4917(2019-11-19 17:25:08)
This person texted me from my Craigslist AD and said he would send me a code to verify that I was "real". I texted back that I knew he was a scam and he stopped.

747-282-0867(2019-11-15 16:12:48)
I am pretty sure this is a scammer. the message was "please call us at "

302-927-3360(2019-11-14 01:58:45)
said they were blue plus. i dont think so

646-817-3309(2019-11-05 17:30:24)
robo call claiming they are from the social security administration and placed a suspension notice on my account

646-817-3309(2019-11-05 15:37:37)
robo call claimed to be the social security administration

201-200-0000(2019-10-01 14:10:01)
Hello, World!

415-852-5918(2019-08-04 14:41:44)
Those are liars. Should be sent to jail.

401-539-3485(2019-08-04 14:41:44)

520-355-0784(2019-08-04 14:41:44)
Scammer contacted me via text about my used car for sale on Craigslist. Below is the exact text message I received: hi i see wanna a car....i want to buy a car...can i call you now...?

613-512-1068(2019-08-04 14:41:44)
I just received a call from them and I called back wondering what it is about....and of course its a scam ...

613-512-1068(2019-08-04 14:41:44)
SCAM! Please DO NOT return call to this number!

914-434-1911(2019-08-04 14:41:44)

226-215-4207(2019-08-04 14:41:44)
Very threatening! Legal action by CRA again.


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